What Drew Me to Solus?


I’ve been using Windows since Windows 95 until the current version, Windows 10 but nn personal usage, I am not using any Windows operating system since Windows Vista. I have enough with Windows and fully switch to Ubuntu since 2010. I started with Ubuntu for a couple of releases till I fed up with it’s release cycle that i need to update distro by re-installing the it in every 6 months. Most of Linux enthusiast will advise me to stick with Long Term Support releases if I do not want to keep updating the OS. Somehow I am the person who constantly chasing for the latest software which the open source world is able to provide to the end user.

After a couple of distros that I tried, I decided to get my hands dirty with Arch Linux which is famous with the term K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I am a huge fan of Arch Linux as I can really build the operating system the way i want it to be. It does not come with any bloated software and most importantly I learned how the operating system actually work for me. Besides that, Arch Linux has a very, I mean VERY comprehensive Wiki which is really helpful during my time using it.

Why am I ditching Arch Linux? As time goes by and the operating system somehow getting my way with my daily use. I spend lots of time fixing issues rather using my machine. This is the disadvantage that I felt when comes to cutting edge software. I am not complaining about Arch Linux being cutting edge but somehow it is not longer my cup-of-tea.

Why Solus?

I stumbled upon a list of Linux Distro while I was looking out for a new rolling-release distro and Solus actually caught my attention. I know Budgie desktop for quite sometimes now but I never really pay any close attention to it as I am very comfortable with Cinnamon. After a watching a video review on Solus from AJ Reissig as well as reading what Solus is all about, I decided to give it a go on my laptop without any dual booting.


After a few weeks of using it, here is the list of features that I really impress:-

The Rolling Release
If you does not know what is rolling release is all about, check it out here. Since I have been using Arch Linux for a number of years, I got use to such software release mode and Solus already hit one my major requirements for me to switch over.

The Robust
The entire operating system is definitely rock solid (at typical day-to-day user point of view). So far, I did not encounter any sort of system freeze or problems that will get into my way while I am using my machine.

The Speed
It is a fastest and snappiest distro that I ever use. Boot time is exceptional quick as well as launching any applications on Budgie.

The Simplicity of Budgie
Budgie DE is still brand new to the Linux’s community and the development is still ongoing. I have tried to switch to various DE like KDE or Gnome3 but usually I could not last for a day or two due to their overwhelming features which most of them I does not even use but with Budgie, it is totally opposite. It is very simple to use and most importantly it is fast.

The Support
Their support is tremendously good if you take the initiative to engage with them via several ways. Usually I will engage with them via IRC, reddit and their official forum. You can directly talk to the founder of the project, Ikey Doherty if you have question or ideas.

So far, the only drawback for Solus is the number of software in the repositories. To compare between Solus and other major distros, it’s like David and Goliath but I am not too worry about that as I am merely just a Consumer-Grade user, all my neccesity software like Music player, Spotify, WPS Office, Google Chrome, VLC, Atom, CherryTree are available in the repositories. The developer are constantly adding and updating the software repositories. If the software you are requesting is not available, you can request them via their Bug Tracker.

Information About Solus:

Social Media


A comprehensive roadmap

Youtube Reviews:


6 thoughts on “What Drew Me to Solus?

  1. One of the few things that bug me about Solus is the rough support of USB media. Have to plug in USB media before boot and no eject option. Don’t get me wrong, Solus what I am running on my ultrabook. I need to move from casual user to developer and see what I can do to help support adding this feature. The rest of the experience has made me come back from testing several other distros.


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